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Office of University Advancement
1501 Mercer University Drive, Macon, Georgia 31207
(478) 301-2715 • (800) 837-2911

Office of University Advancement

John Patterson

     John A. Patterson
     Senior Vice President for University Advancement
     (478) 301-5537


Bate      Chrystal A. Bate

     Director of Advancement Services
     (478) 301-2725


Leslie Cadle

     Leslie L. Cadle
     Director of Development
     Walter F. George School of Law
     (478) 301-2232


Andy Carter      Andy W. Carter
     Coordinator of Annual Giving

     (478) 301-2924


Greg DeLoach

     Greg DeLoach
     Director of Development
     McAfee School of Theology &
     Penfield College of Mercer University
     (678) 547-6620




     Shawna R. Dooley
     Associate Vice President of Advancement
     Scholarships, Grants and Libraries
     (478) 301-2720


Brian Gerrity

     Brian T. Gerrity
     Senior Associate Athletic Director
     Executive Director, Mercer Athletic Foundation
     (478) 301-4003


Brian Greer

     J. Brian Greer
     Director of Development

     Stetson School of Business & Economics
     (678) 547-6392


Matt Hatchett

     Matt Hatchett
     Director of Development
     (478) 301-2722


Erin Lones

     Erin P. Lones
     Director of Advancement Communications &

     Special Alumni Programs
     (478) 301-5548


Allen London

     Allen S. London
     Senior Associate Vice President for Advancement
     School of Engineering, Stetson School of Business & Economics,
     Mercer Fund & Executive Forum
     (478) 301-4169



     Jenny McCurdy
     Director of Development
     Georgia Baptist College of Nursing
     (678) 547-6453


Trey Seagraves

     Trey Seagraves
     Director of Development
     School of Medicine
     (478) 301-5648


Claude Smith

     Claude D. Smith, Jr.
     Senior Associate Vice President
     (478) 301-5451


Todd Smith

     B. Todd Smith
     Director of Development
     College of Liberal Arts
     (478) 301-2718



     Hugh Sosebee Jr.
     Vice President for External Relations
     (478) 301-2302



     Richard C. Spivey
     Director of Planned Giving
     (478) 301-2172



     Allen M. Wallace
     Senior Associate Vice President for Development
     College of Pharmacy, College of Health Professions &
     Mercer University Press
     (678) 547-6419


Allie Ware      Allie Ware

     Assistant Director, Mercer Athletic Foundation
     (478) 301-4017


Carol Williams      Carol Williams

     Associate Vice President for Advancement
     Tift College of Education &
     Townsend School of Music
     (478) 301-2676